Monday, February 11, 2013

Real (Speshul) Housewives Of Atlanta Rundizzle:

Mmkay...Small fries first...Phaedra- Be really trying to put on that poker face. Like Kandi said, she was bothered by Kenya's lil stunt...but she shouldn't be. Kenya was the one that looked like an idiot in a net so...(crickets)...Yeah....sooo...moving right along. NeNe (crickets)...Oh wait there was that part where she was telling Greg to where to kiss her...PINEAPPLES! Ummm...Kandi- It's great that you're in love. We get it. Sheesh. Gospel though? One gospel song on a record..ok...that's cool. Please don't do a whole gospel record unless you're gonna live a whole gospel life though. I know sinners got souls too & all that jazz, but it's hard for me to receive law advice from a felon. If they know the law, why don't they live by it? Feel me? If you don't feel me, you're free to SCROLL ON! LOL!'ma leave her alone this week...She had some real stuff going on. Glad she's cancer free...but something tells me this is not gonna make her drama free. I'm hoping for the best, but Kenya's track record is...well...y'all know. Walter freed himself of her though. I liked that he was respectful in talking about it. Now....It's time for me to address my issue with the show this week. That Corny Cordell. Is he serious? First of all, SHUT UP & let your wife CONFIDE in you! Quit cutting her off to put yo' ol' two cents in. Catty Cordell just "YOU NEED TO CHECK THAT! YOU HEAR ME? YOU NEED TO CHECK THAT!" Check deez, Cordell. How you gon' be just as catty as the females? "CHECK THAT!" I woosh my hubby would go all 'girlfriend' on me like that. HE would def be CHECKING in one of his MAN cards! He gets one more name...Controlling Cordell. I mean it ain't your place to be checkin' your wife's friends! You TOLD her to do it...LET HER! Tal'm'bout "Y'all is gettin' on my NEEERVES! Why y'all can't ack right?" Some may say he's Concerned Cordell, but he needs to get him some man business. And I heard Peter ain't too pleased with Check Instigating Cordell neither. Word is Peter tweeted, "Did this HAMMERHEAD (so & such) just told his wife to check my wife?" And just by reading it, I can tell it was Peter tweeting it. Look at the messed up grammar. LOL! there's some beef to come between Hammerhead & Uncle Ben. I am weak at Hammerhead, cuz I been wondering what he looked like & FO' SHO this dude looks like a Hammerhead Shark! And Porsha is about as smart as one..."You're not guilty until proven...guilty." Really? I bet she's ditzy all year long too...the whole 265 days! LOL!! SMH! Ok...Like Peter & Cordell's friendship, I'm FINITO (that's DONE ;)! HOLLA!!!