Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Basket(cases)ball & one actual WIFE Rundooooown:

Sorry so late folks, but like with Susie's mouth work, better late than never! HAAA! Anyhoo, not a lot happened this week really. I mean...Evelyn cried about her lost love Oucho Cinco again...UGH!! I've been over this story since Evelyn's six stitches got eaten up by that vein that pops out in the middle of her forehead whenever she gets upset. Listeeen <---In my Jennipha voice---> She jus' needs tah get over it...I mean, Eric almost drownt (yes, drownT) me last season when he threw that drink in my face but you don't hear me talkin' about it! Least he di'in't leave you with an Eric Lump!" LOL! Man, I miss Jennipha! (I know it's JenniphER but I like the way she says it. HA! Don't judge me.) I hope they bring her back. Ok...That's all for my honorable mention...Oh...nope...wait...
There's Shaunie. Kaaaaay...Moving right along. The new girl, Tasha! I like her...But I hope she knows that long bang & them furrowed shaped eyebrows ain't foolin' nobody. I can still tell she's cross-eyed! F'real! Can't y'all?!?! She looked like she was trying to focus ...but ...couldn't ...quite... get... them... eyes... on the right track. LOL! I like her though. Now Tami ...Tami ...Tami...You really wanna know why people associate you with negativity all the time??? Wellll...um....It could be that you're so daggum NEGATIVE! Talkin' bout, "I'on knooow....We'ah see what TMZ hasta say...I don't want to keep havin' to induct these broads into the Tami Roman School of 'This Is Who the F I Am'! "....Ok...THAT was funny. But for real, Tami! Who are you that folks have to prove themselves to you, but you don't have to prove yourself to NOBODY! You can TMZ folks 'so you can have a leg up on 'em' but can't nobody ask another chick about you! You're a tad of a bully, Ms. Roman.
Then Susie ol' "When in Tami's presence, do as the Roman do!" tail. Gonna actually ask that woman about her business like that! Put her all out on Front Street at her own dinner table....AND she just got awladat jaw work done too!! Askin' awl nem questions like nem joints can't get dislocated...AGAIN! Woooh! That chile is dumber than a room temperature beer! HAHAHA!!! Chick was heated too...She squared up...looked her straight...well...not STRAIGHT, per say...but as straight she could in the eye & said, "What do you think?" Please, Susie...for the love of your newly renovated grill, DO NOT say what you think!!! PUH-LEASE take some Hush Up A.D. (play on Pepcid A.D.= anti-diarrhea, for all my 'speshul' readers...Meep! Meep!) before you answer that completely rhetorical question! Just politely say 'Nevermind.' & stuff your mouth with some bread, girl! Welp...I guess we're gonna have to tune in next week to see if Susie goes back to her lisp or not! Like Tasha's eyes...until we meet again! HOLLA!!!!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Losers, Lovers & Hip Hop Reunion RUN-DIZ-NY-EEEEEEE: Mad Molly Maid

Mmmkay...This is gonna be like Scrappy & Ericka's engagement- Short & not so sweet! Small change first. What in the midnight blue sky kinda lipstick did Ariane have on last night?!?! Since singing in the background didn't work out, is she trying her hand at a villainess of some sort? Lady Lil Lips, maybe?? LOL!! For real though... Lesbi-honest...That lipstick looked like it would make her breath stink, amongst other things. HAHAHAAA! Then there was Karlie Old. She makes me yawn on sight. What is her purpose??? On to the next nonfactor...Shay...You still here? AND you're still upset??? Please build a bridge, honey, & get over it! You WERE the side-chick. It's the 2nd season you've been on...You DO know about Ericka...You knew about her in the 1st season you were on, that's why you kept asking that season what you & Scrap was doing. I ain't gonna say he didn't lie a little...but really? You didn't know? Ok. Just like Kirk & Rasheeda's relationship- it's WHAT-EVERRR. The DJ's also make me want to go to sleep. They need to keep to spinning records cuz spinning good story lines out of nothing is not their thing. Can't believe that corny 'Popcorn' mess popped off! Every time she said it I wanted to stick MY head in a microwave! Moving right along...K. Michelle DID get into it with everybody this season, hunh? She needs to get into it with her hairdresser for that unfinished bob. Didn't it look like there was a little more to be done with it? I mean, of all the weaves she keeps, she chose that one for the reunion show? Still love her though, but f'real...Her weave was red wackness. (Say that 3 times fast. LOL!). Anyhoo, did y'all see the Queen Dee all dressed up & nothing to say? She's a queen alright...Queen of Land Irrelevance. Poor Ericka got all up in her feelings, didn't she. I felt for her. And Scrappy's outfit matched his teeth. Big & white. LOL!! Sleazy J was loving it up &, honestly, had me cracking up. Is he an idiot or a genius? Hard to tell with how stupid he has these women acting. Joseline is honest...I think...Idk cuz it was hard to tell what she was saying when she started crying. Her accent went from bad to worse & I didn't think that was possible. She was like, "Ah din't hab a mudda to teach awladeezdingsanahbinhurandathursme..." WHA-?!? Then here comes Mean Molly Maid Mimi, trying to sound so hard. I. Hate. When. She. Tries. To. Sound. Hard. &. Hood. OMG. STOOOOOP! You're Eva's mom. Just be that, ok? I was weak when Joseline said, "Eet look lak somebudy suck her (tail) up widda strawh." HAHAHAAA! It dooooes!!! SMH! Maybe if they get back cool, K.Michelle can donate some of her butt to her frieneMi. HA! "An' yorh beefcake ees gooh. Doughn leh, Mimi!" Joseline Hernandez is HILARIOUS! I don't think it's Joseline that acts funny with Mimi when Mimi brings her daughter. I do believe it's Mimi who acts funny to Joseline because Mimi is always on the defense around Joseline. I think Mimi doesn't speak, which is her right, & is condescending b/c that's how she is on the show. She's jealous & that's real. But I was glad they could KINDA talk about it yesterday...even after Joseline chucked her Red Bottom at her. Could y'all believe Mimi kept saying she was going to beat Joseline's tail...AGAIN?!? When did that happen?!? I musta missed that episode! Mimi, you are not hard except for on tough stains. Your voice is shaky when you yell & you do not sound confident. Leave the hood wars to K.Michelle, okay, boo?!? Well, that was longer than I thought it would be. Maybe it was even longer than Kirk & Rasheeda's breakup. (Rolling my eyes & tooting my lip...) Like Sneaky J's shenanigans, there's still more to come! Tune in next week for the Reunion Run-diz-ny-eeeee Part 2!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LOOK OUT (for shady bizness deals & closet dwellers) & HIP HOP RUNDIZZY

Sooo....Y'all know how I like to do...Small fries first...Scrappy...Wow. You really were sooo irrelevant on this episode. They could've kept that 'fill the space' clip with yo' mama. She's right, you're always gonna be a 'mama's boy'...the Prince of that castle...which is a 2 bedroom apartment. SMH! I threw up in my mouth a few times & almost stabbed myself in the eyes & ears with a hot screwdriver when Mama D was flirting with the Dog Whisperer. I think he did too. He was trying to be polite...I think....I hope....Or is Scrappy finsta have a Step Fiz-ny-ee younger than him! LOL! That really has got to be embarrassing for the young Scrappy...Anyhoo...DJ Crazy...I mean Traci tried to be funny when she invited Shay to that fashion show Erica was in. Shay was so uncomfortable as she should've been. Liked the way Erica conducted herself cuz it could've got real ugly real quick if she let her emotions lead her but she was a lady. I liked that. Ummm...K.Michelle & Mimi...Really...Mimi...YOU ARE NOT HARD! Hate when she acts like that. It's like watching Halle Berry play a hood role. It's just not believable. She got smacked tough with them flowers tho...LOL!!! That must've been the Pimp Smack Bouquet! HAAAA!! Then Mimi just stood there...Even the most nonviolent of folks would've had some sorta reaction besides, "See? Cuz that's what you resort to cuz you're a whack 'B'!" I can see why Mimi called her that, tho...Cuz she just WHACKED her wit dem flowers. LOL! Mimi was Pitiful Wasted too. LOL! Slurring her words...One eye closed. She looked AND sounded PITIFUL! K.Michelle has a bad way of doing it, but I do think she knows what she's talking about with Kujo...or whatever his name is & she's just trying to let Mimi know. It's all in the delivery, K. If you want someone to receive the message you're giving, then you have to deliver with less attitude. She delivered them flowers tho...Straight to Mimi's sharply chiseled facial structure. Moving right along, Joseline is HI-LARIOUS! She was like "Ah wih keek you rie in your braces!" She will too. CheMack was holding her own tho til she made that tic-tac-toe comment, then Joseline ticked & tagged dat jawline! I don't know why CheMack kept talking! You could tell off rip with her pig tails, bedazzled bra & matching hat that Joseline was not feeling it. Shut your trap, Braces Face! BTW, Joseline, sweetie, it's Brace Face in English, dear...Sneaky J acting like he was trying to be on the up & up...Please, dude...Honest, you are NOT! Speaking of honest...I HONESTly cannot STAND Kirk. Kirk the JERK! I mean really... I think the cameras are saving his life...cuz if I was Rasheeda, I would've put him out of his misery! I hope Rasheeda packed her bags (shout out to K.Michelle;) because he is a TRIP! Who says stuff like that to his WIFE? 'I think you did this to spite me.' WHA-?!? 'I pulled out...' HUNH?!? How EIGHTH GRADE is that, you DUMMY!!! If you got as many kids as you're claiming then you should KNOW that mess don't work! 'Have an abortion.' Y'all are MARRIED, you creep!! You didn't knock up a jump off! You got your WIFE pregnant!!!! MAAAAAAN!! I caught a BAD case of AHWOOSHANOOKAWOOD's watching that mess last nite...I almost slapped MY hubby off GP! Then there's DJ Shady! You ain't get bamboozled &/or hoodwinked by no partner! You ain't got no partner, maaaan!<---In my Martin voice. He took that money & probably paid off some sort of debt or something! He ain't even look mad! He looked like, "Is she buying it?" SMH! She did. Hook, line & sinker...Just like she bought that mess about the store. DJ Traci was mad at him for not having a contract but she should be kinda of mad at herself for not asking to see it herself...but nooooo...she was too consumed with the fear & insecurity of a hoodrat infestation that she didn't ask the important questions. Who just hands over $25,000 without seeing some legal documentation of some sort??? ESPECIALLY to a baby daddy that you can't even trust with your child? HIS child??? Females & their feelings, man...Can't see the forest for the trees! Welp, that's all for this rundown! Like DJ Traci's money, I'm GONE! HOLLA!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love (lost) & Hip Hop (but not diss records cuz I'm a Boss Chick & I don't do that!):

I missed y'all last week, but I had to get up on it this week!! First things first...Ok. K.Michelle...hearing about your 'hot pocket' every week AIN'T HOT! Quit trying to make a story where there is none. No pun intended. If Jack Daniel's makes it work, then it works... Maybe you should just stop trying to give it away all willie nillie. Don't nobody want no 'hot pocket' that's been bitten out of by a bunch of random folks anyhow! Ask Jennifer from the Bad Girls Club! LOL!!! Erica & Scrappy broke up. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Moving right along...---> I always forget about the fatal attraction that is DJ Crazy Girl & her baby daddy drama. "I didn't choose this life! You chose it for me!" with the OOGLY cry face...Yeah, her...He has moved on, honey. He does NOT owe you anything but to take care of y'all's son. He CAN have chicks...as many as he wants! I don't think he should have them around the boy but... When people breakup...they move on...At least, the sane ones do. He lied to you..Ok...What can you do about that now? Oh yeah...that's right...Give him $20, 000+ to invest in a sneaker shop cuz that's what most wounded baby mamas do. (Rolled my eyes so hard just now, I think I pulled my retina.) You're doing this to yourself, baby girl! Anyhoo...um, Mimi with the Comeback Kid. That hat he was wearing in the first scene...Yeah, the homeless guy on 53rd & Main called & told him to KEEP IT! HA!! Mimi done went & got her a Stevie S....Stevie the Sequel. He even tries too hard to exude swag like Stevie...Lickin' his lips n' TRYING to spit smooth game. Be thee aware, Mimi...If it walks like a Stevie & talks like a Stevie, it probably is a Stevie Wannabe. Then again, I think that's just how Mimi wants it. *Shrugs*...Really, Joseline...You gon' try n' fight that 'Ol' Lady'?? I believe Karlie! Benzino was lying up a storm with his no neck havin' self. Y'all see her hit him in the face with those earphones? If he had a neck, she would have hit him in the throat. He was stuttering & couldn't even look her in the eyes...Then again I think one of his eyes is lazy so maybe it was just taking a nap. Then him lookin' all special playing basketball with Rasheeda's boo thang...NOTHING BUT NECK...or not. Teehee... Anywaysss...Joseline really thinks she has arrived how she was dissing that new bucktooth chick...Che Mack? Wait...she's not bucktooth no more...SHE'S GOT BRACES & LOST 10 LBS!!! Who does that?!? She not only sounded thirsty, she sounded famished...like it would take only 30 cents a day to feed her or something! SHEESH! Joseline was like, "Calm down! I don't talk to dee hep." HAHAHAAA!! She was acting like a straight up crackhead on Red Bull popsicles tho...Talking all fast & LOUD..."Is this the Puerto Rican Princess? 'xcuse me?!? 'xcuse me?!? Can I meet you?!?"
Wow. She needed a shot of Ritalin or an open-hand smack to the face or something. Stevie Jerk's gonna hit it tho...Soooo...Poor Rasheeda & Kirk...They're goin' thru...& now she's preggors...SMH! Ain't she like 45? They got grandchillun's n' thangs!! I think this was done purposefully so she could be relevant on the show...Cuz she def wasn't before. She was like I ain't makin' no diss record, cuz K.Michelle too quick a wit for me...But I WILL get pregnant since I know her hoo-ha is on the fritz! LOLOLOLOL!!!! Just kiddiiiing! I wish the best for their family. By the way, Rasheeda, 'agreeance' is NOT a word! SMH! Welp...like Kirk's 4 earrings were on last night's episode, I'm OUT! HOLLAAAAA!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love (LOST) & Flip Flop Rundiz-ny-eeee!

Y'all know how I do...The most irrelevant first. Really Karlie??? You still tryna do the thug-thizzle when you're like 58??? Please stop...Then your cheerleader is Rasheeda? Are you serious? The 'rundown Chillee from TLC' ? What K.Michelle say? "She needs to stick to the rivers and the lakes that she's used to!" LOL!! I am still weak off that! HA!! Karlie, you need to stop chasing waterfalls too, granny, 'fore you go n' break a hip or somethin'...mmkay! Speaking of Rasheeda...All that mess K.Michelle was throwing at you...BEFORE the candle, I mean...& when she said your husband had 3 earrings, THAT'S what made you leap, frog?? You know K.Michelle been abused, she ain't for awladat walkin' up on a soostah...She be havin' flashbacks n' thangs! You found out though when she waxed that tail...Literally. LOL! Then your hubby comeback is, "I got FOUR earrings! Learn how to count!" Oooooh....Good one, Captain Kirk, cuz the MORE earrings you have the LESS gay you are! SMH! And I ain't sayin' he's gay, I'm just sayin' his comeback was drenched in WEAK SAUCE! Anyhoo, Benzino...Are you really spreading lies?? If only you could stretch that neck like you stretch the truth, my man...SMH! I think Joseline deed a lah owf dangs buh Benzino wuss naw one owf deem, okay! She deed nah haf none owf hees beefcake!  HAAAA!!! Mimi...every time she talks, all I hear is, "I'm an idiot! I'm an idiot!" Her mouth says one thing but her eyes tell a-whole-nother pansy-filled story! That rat-face joker put a spell on her or something. Joseline too...but I liked that Joseline ain't afraid to poke him in the cheek & withhold his 30%. LOL! These women....SMH!!! Then there's the special case that is Mama D. Even Scrappy was lookin' like, "I think my moms is really criz-ny-ee wit awl dis kingdom talk!" She is, boo!  But the person who needed to pump their brakes this time was Erica! And she better be glad she did while exiting the garage in her lil red Mercedes, almost running over Mama D & her good striped skinny pants!! LOL! Really tho, Erica was over the top...I mean I know they edit some stuff but, it really looked like she went from 0-60 in 2 seconds flat & she was being extremely disrespectful. I understand Mama D had been disrespectful prior to this little dinner meeting, but they were supposed to be trying to resolve the issues & Erica came off combative from the start. Mama D did need to take a seat too tho with that trying to run back up in the house with her good hip...slow as ever, with that combo hop & limp...Please remember, Queen D, that you are OLD. You're never gonna be faster than a Hoveround with a flat, let alone SECURITY! Y'all see how fast Scrappy called off the engagement tho?!? Dude saw the door to the castle open & he was ready to gallop thru it, OK! His stuff was already packed in anticipation of a blow-up at Dinner With the Rats! "Bettah bring that ring back." In one fail swoop that engagement was broken like Humpty-Dumpty after his fall! & all the Queen's horses & all the Queen's men... & GUARDS! GUARDS! OFF WITH HER HEAD! WHA-?!?! The Prince is back in the kingdom & on his throne, y'all! HAHAHAHAA!!! But for real...I can't help but to think about all that food that was wasted...& that cup of drink that Scrappy knocked over. You really showed that cup, Scrappy! You put dem paws on 'im! BWAHAHAHAAA!! Well, let me make like Erica with that $20,0000+ ring & GET GONE!! HOLLA!!! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

RHOA Finale Rundooooown: You Can't Disguise Crazy!

Mmkay...Let's get straight to the biz! After that lil therapy session with the therapist, even Stevie Wonder could see Kordell & Porsha's breakup coming! They was not on the same page at all...Matter of fact, was they even reading the same book???? I really am glad that Porsha realized that Kuckoo Kenya was trying to play her. I mean, I think she knew from the jump to a certain extent, but then bought in to Kenya's LAME explanation of why she wanted her to come to her party as Bap's, but then after going thru the costumes her friends, TRUE friends, really opened her eyes as to what vengeful Kenya was trying to do. Trying to make her look like the dumbbell hoodrat she's always thought her to be. I just love when the bully gets the script flipped on them by the bullied! Then she was Foxy Brown. Tsk! Lookin' more like Freddie Brown with her manly self. She is truly not really a resident of planet Earth! You are really going to have a tantrum & have her kicked out of the party over her costume. She still played along, she just wasn't going to be your pawn is all. Then that dude, the one that was dressed like Shames Girl Jones in Coming Out of the Closet, that was trying to get all turned up with Kordell...Maaan...That woulda been a good cat fight...A cowardly lion and a catty hammerhead shark! I will admit I cracked up when Kenya said what she said about him when he jumped in their argument. He shoulda bucked up to those body guards if he was really bad. He ain't want no real fight though. He ain't about that life! LOL! Anyhoo, did any of y'all think it was strange that NeNe was the only one that could bring Kenya in? NeNe must be a Cuckoo Whisperer. I don't know. But you gotta love NeNe with her equal opportunity type honesty. She ran them costumes D-O-W-N, DOWN, honey & ain't told nothin' but the truth! Cynthier looked like... Cynthier with a fur. Peter still looked like a California Raisin in a faux fur....LOL! Kandi's Tina Turner was a hot SMOKING mess...If Tina looked like that, I could see why Ike would put them paws on her...She looked threatening like a stray, wild Thundercat. Todd is a loser almost like Ike for not participating. I cain't stand a lame party pooper! Just wear the wig, Ike! What's pride gotta do with it? What's pride but a bowl wig in motion??? Teehee...Phaedra looked like the mythical character, the Donkat...Half donkey half cat...BUTT<--pun intended--> NeNe was right on when she said she looked the best she has looked all season. & NeNe for who she was supposed to be was certainly fierce, honey! Two snaps in a Z formation, chile! I don't know about y'all but if I had a remote for life, I would be fast forwarding to the reunion right about yesterday! It looks like it's gonna be on & fan poppin' with all them exchanges between Kenya & Apollo! Yikes! Okaaaay!!! Well, until the reunion, like Kenya's mind...I'm OFF!!! Holla!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

RHO Astronomical High-Budget Low-Class PHitness Videos Rundown:

Love is in the air for Kandi & her boo, Todd...And the pen is on the paper for the pre-nup! Kandi ain't playin' with her money! Shoooot! First comes BUSINESS, NEXT comes love, THEN comes marriage, THEN comes somebody else their baby to carry! <---I thought that was a lil over the top but whatev...I guess that's how rich people do it these days. SMH. She shouldn't have mentioned her mama ever coming to stay with her though...That is a deal-breaker with some men. Don't nobody want their mother-in-law within walking distance of their house. I mean, as much as I love my MIL, I'm cool on that. Distance makes the heart grow fonder...or something like that...Anyhoo... The whole NeNe & Greg thing STILL grosses me out. I guess when you love somebody, it don't matter how old & cornball they are. If NeNe refers to Greg's geriatric gestures as swag one more time...UUUGH!!! I just about throw-up in my mouth every time he makes an attempt at sexy....But NeNe likes it so that's all that matters, I guess. Poor Poor-sha...I feel sorry for her. Can't wait to see her pompous hubby in counseling with her next week. He bet' not act a butt up in there! What a great segway into the most entertaining portion of the show.---> Speaking of butts---> for reals, Phaedra? Just when folks were rooting for you, you go n' do that high-budget, low-class workout video??? Who cares if it's filmed in a grandiocious mansion when you're doing hood moves? & wearing that painted on lime green unflattering but FATtering outfit? & that's F-A-T, not PHAT! LOL! It was too much & not enough all at the same time! Then she was about to pass out halfway through! LOL!! I ain't gonna lie...I woulda passed out tryna get into that outfit! HAAA! Even the name of her video is stupid...PHINE? For reals? What is that? Pretty, Hot & I (ain't got) No Energy? Kenya showed you up on this one, Phaedra, girl. If I was serious about getting in shape, the video I would go with would definitely be Kenya's Booty Boot Camp. She might be a lil unfit mentally but physically, she's a boss! If I want to burn a few calories laughing, I'll get Phine cuz that mess looks Phunny. I'm glad Cynthier kept it real with Kenya on that Walter thing. Hopefully something that she said sticks. I hope they keep it real with Phaedra too & tell her that lime green mess didn't make her look PHINE it made her look PHUNKY...like she would smell like fried green tomatoes & sauteed onions! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Ok. Like Phaedra should be with workout videos, I'm DONE! HOLLAAAA!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Submission: What's wrong with it?

I am NOT an independent woman. I HAVE been and CAN be, but I am married now. I depend on my husband to provide for, to protect, to confide in, and to comfort me and my children among a host of other things. I DO consider and value my husband's opinion with the choices I make. He DOES have a say-so in where I go and who I go with, not because he is controlling, but because his feelings matter to me. In turn, he considers and values my opinion and feelings as well. We haven't always been here and we have a ways to go before we can officially announce that we've 'arrived', but the important thing is we're traveling side by side, supporting one another throughout the journey. We are blessed and IN love. ♥


Looove Message: I have been a Baby Mama. I was bitter, angry...I felt that it was unfair that I had to be the one to 'do it all by myself'...after all, I didn't make these babies by myself, right? That's true & I was entitled to feel this way, I thought...Life was really hard for me when I had that mentality because I thought, I have to right this wrong...I have to MAKE him pay! I have to MAKE him responsible! Well...How many of y'all know that didn't work? How many of y'all know that all I did was cause stress on not only myself but the children? So many talk about the 'promises' made pre-sex & pre-baby & PRE-MARRIAGE...How many of y'all know that the promises made PRE-MARRIAGE are NULL & VOID if the marriage never occurs? Shoot, sometimes they're null & void if the marriage does occur, truth be told. Anyhoo, I digress. The true point to this message is GET OVER YOURSELVES! If, in fact, you are the only parent raising your kid(s) then you need to be thee BEST parent you can be. And you can't be THAT parent if you're running around playing the detective, saboteur, manipulator, vindictive parent! I had to learn that I can't MAKE my child's father do ANYTHING he didn't want to or just flat out wasn't going to do. I had to come to grips with & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for MY role in my child being in a broken home. I vowed to be a good, educated, productive mother, being that I was the PRIMARY PARENT in my kids' lives! I couldn't wait around for dude to 'get it right'. I had to create a stable environment for my kids! I had to make sure they felt safe & secure! I had to be STRONG for them! And my children are pretty good kids. They have no real behavioral problems except for a little attitude & smart lip once in a while. But for the grace of God go I! HE kept me & mine! Regardless of what sin I was in, I kept my children in church. I learned early on that wasn't nothing cute about cursing out my 'baby daddy' in front of my kids. I learned early on that talking bad about him wasn't doing ANYTHING for my situation except for possibly doing more damage (to my children) than good. GET A GRIP! No you SHOULDN'T have to go it alone, but a lot of things SHOULDN'T have happened, including but not limited to, having sex out of wedlock. That baby SHOULDN'T suffer because his/her parents are BOTH too immature to see that HE/SHE is what truly matters. Instead of trying to change the other parent, concentrate on yourself. Make sure YOU'RE the best parent YOU can be. It may not be the picture perfect life you dreamed, but let go & let God be the Artist & He will most certainly place the strokes of paint where they should be. ♥

Monday, February 11, 2013

Real (Speshul) Housewives Of Atlanta Rundizzle:

Mmkay...Small fries first...Phaedra- Be really trying to put on that poker face. Like Kandi said, she was bothered by Kenya's lil stunt...but she shouldn't be. Kenya was the one that looked like an idiot in a net so...(crickets)...Yeah....sooo...moving right along. NeNe (crickets)...Oh wait there was that part where she was telling Greg to where to kiss her...PINEAPPLES! Ummm...Kandi- It's great that you're in love. We get it. Sheesh. Gospel though? One gospel song on a record..ok...that's cool. Please don't do a whole gospel record unless you're gonna live a whole gospel life though. I know sinners got souls too & all that jazz, but it's hard for me to receive law advice from a felon. If they know the law, why don't they live by it? Feel me? If you don't feel me, you're free to SCROLL ON! LOL! Anyhoo...um...Kenya...I'ma leave her alone this week...She had some real stuff going on. Glad she's cancer free...but something tells me this is not gonna make her drama free. I'm hoping for the best, but Kenya's track record is...well...y'all know. Walter freed himself of her though. I liked that he was respectful in talking about it. Now....It's time for me to address my issue with the show this week. That Corny Cordell. Is he serious? First of all, SHUT UP & let your wife CONFIDE in you! Quit cutting her off to put yo' ol' two cents in. Catty Cordell just "YOU NEED TO CHECK THAT! YOU HEAR ME? YOU NEED TO CHECK THAT!" Check deez, Cordell. How you gon' be just as catty as the females? "CHECK THAT!" I woosh my hubby would go all 'girlfriend' on me like that. HE would def be CHECKING in one of his MAN cards! He gets one more name...Controlling Cordell. I mean it ain't your place to be checkin' your wife's friends! You TOLD her to do it...LET HER! Tal'm'bout "Y'all is gettin' on my NEEERVES! Why y'all can't ack right?" Some may say he's Concerned Cordell, but he needs to get him some man business. And I heard Peter ain't too pleased with Check Instigating Cordell neither. Word is Peter tweeted, "Did this HAMMERHEAD (so & such) just told his wife to check my wife?" And just by reading it, I can tell it was Peter tweeting it. Look at the messed up grammar. LOL! Yeah...so there's some beef to come between Hammerhead & Uncle Ben. I am weak at Hammerhead, cuz I been wondering what he looked like & FO' SHO this dude looks like a Hammerhead Shark! And Porsha is about as smart as one..."You're not guilty until proven...guilty." Really? I bet she's ditzy all year long too...the whole 265 days! LOL!! SMH! Ok...Like Peter & Cordell's friendship, I'm FINITO (that's DONE ;)! HOLLA!!!