Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Love & Hoodbunny Breakdown: Y'all knew it was coming! I could not let this HOODRATchedness happen & not go in like I do...MAAAAAAN!! What type of speshulness was that last nite, y'all??? First, we got the chick, MiMi, who gets a house, KNOWS the house is to get her out the way so her 'man' of 15 yrs, Stevie J, can do what he do, but STILL sticks around talkin' bout, "I ain't on it...He's gonna hafta make a choice..." MAN, he ain't BEEN on it for 15 YEARS if he ain't married you yet! He TOLD you to your face IN the new house, he ain't tryna be about that family life! And she still wanna 'let him know in a coupla days'...WHAT THE WHAT?!? At least Chrissy was smart enough not to have a kid by her hip hoppin' D-O-double G! Then he, Stevie J, is jus' ignorant with it!  Just all on camera feelin' on this ran-down Rihanna wanna-be, Joseline! Then SHE, or whatever it is, is gonna cancel him in that STAGED club scene for chasing after his woman! Then he canceled her back outside the club...Um...Where did he get that drink from? STAGED!! (Don't Stevie J look like he smells something stankin' all the time?) Moving on... Scrappy...I mean...there's a likeable quality about him...til you get to his mama...Then, I'm just SCURRED...Erica:"Did you take your medication today?" Mama Dee: "No...I haven't taken it for about 5 days." WHAT THE SCHIZOPHRENIA?!? I'ma need you to stay on your meds, Mama Double D (for Delusional & Delirious) because you are scaring me! She makes Mama Jones (Jimmie's mama) look like freakin' Claire Huxtable, man! Then the video quality of the show itself...It looks like a cheap...er version of a Master P movie. All the lame butt-shots & mini videos...Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a true train wreck and I'm only gonna watch so I can run it down e'ery week. Man...What I won't do for my readers...SMH!

(Rihanna)I must admit, the resemblance is uncanny....

But there's a resemblance here too...John Leguizamo as Chi-Chi in "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar." LOL!

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