Monday, March 25, 2013

RHO Astronomical High-Budget Low-Class PHitness Videos Rundown:

Love is in the air for Kandi & her boo, Todd...And the pen is on the paper for the pre-nup! Kandi ain't playin' with her money! Shoooot! First comes BUSINESS, NEXT comes love, THEN comes marriage, THEN comes somebody else their baby to carry! <---I thought that was a lil over the top but whatev...I guess that's how rich people do it these days. SMH. She shouldn't have mentioned her mama ever coming to stay with her though...That is a deal-breaker with some men. Don't nobody want their mother-in-law within walking distance of their house. I mean, as much as I love my MIL, I'm cool on that. Distance makes the heart grow fonder...or something like that...Anyhoo... The whole NeNe & Greg thing STILL grosses me out. I guess when you love somebody, it don't matter how old & cornball they are. If NeNe refers to Greg's geriatric gestures as swag one more time...UUUGH!!! I just about throw-up in my mouth every time he makes an attempt at sexy....But NeNe likes it so that's all that matters, I guess. Poor Poor-sha...I feel sorry for her. Can't wait to see her pompous hubby in counseling with her next week. He bet' not act a butt up in there! What a great segway into the most entertaining portion of the show.---> Speaking of butts---> for reals, Phaedra? Just when folks were rooting for you, you go n' do that high-budget, low-class workout video??? Who cares if it's filmed in a grandiocious mansion when you're doing hood moves? & wearing that painted on lime green unflattering but FATtering outfit? & that's F-A-T, not PHAT! LOL! It was too much & not enough all at the same time! Then she was about to pass out halfway through! LOL!! I ain't gonna lie...I woulda passed out tryna get into that outfit! HAAA! Even the name of her video is stupid...PHINE? For reals? What is that? Pretty, Hot & I (ain't got) No Energy? Kenya showed you up on this one, Phaedra, girl. If I was serious about getting in shape, the video I would go with would definitely be Kenya's Booty Boot Camp. She might be a lil unfit mentally but physically, she's a boss! If I want to burn a few calories laughing, I'll get Phine cuz that mess looks Phunny. I'm glad Cynthier kept it real with Kenya on that Walter thing. Hopefully something that she said sticks. I hope they keep it real with Phaedra too & tell her that lime green mess didn't make her look PHINE it made her look she would smell like fried green tomatoes & sauteed onions! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Ok. Like Phaedra should be with workout videos, I'm DONE! HOLLAAAA!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Submission: What's wrong with it?

I am NOT an independent woman. I HAVE been and CAN be, but I am married now. I depend on my husband to provide for, to protect, to confide in, and to comfort me and my children among a host of other things. I DO consider and value my husband's opinion with the choices I make. He DOES have a say-so in where I go and who I go with, not because he is controlling, but because his feelings matter to me. In turn, he considers and values my opinion and feelings as well. We haven't always been here and we have a ways to go before we can officially announce that we've 'arrived', but the important thing is we're traveling side by side, supporting one another throughout the journey. We are blessed and IN love. ♥


Looove Message: I have been a Baby Mama. I was bitter, angry...I felt that it was unfair that I had to be the one to 'do it all by myself'...after all, I didn't make these babies by myself, right? That's true & I was entitled to feel this way, I thought...Life was really hard for me when I had that mentality because I thought, I have to right this wrong...I have to MAKE him pay! I have to MAKE him responsible! Well...How many of y'all know that didn't work? How many of y'all know that all I did was cause stress on not only myself but the children? So many talk about the 'promises' made pre-sex & pre-baby & PRE-MARRIAGE...How many of y'all know that the promises made PRE-MARRIAGE are NULL & VOID if the marriage never occurs? Shoot, sometimes they're null & void if the marriage does occur, truth be told. Anyhoo, I digress. The true point to this message is GET OVER YOURSELVES! If, in fact, you are the only parent raising your kid(s) then you need to be thee BEST parent you can be. And you can't be THAT parent if you're running around playing the detective, saboteur, manipulator, vindictive parent! I had to learn that I can't MAKE my child's father do ANYTHING he didn't want to or just flat out wasn't going to do. I had to come to grips with & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for MY role in my child being in a broken home. I vowed to be a good, educated, productive mother, being that I was the PRIMARY PARENT in my kids' lives! I couldn't wait around for dude to 'get it right'. I had to create a stable environment for my kids! I had to make sure they felt safe & secure! I had to be STRONG for them! And my children are pretty good kids. They have no real behavioral problems except for a little attitude & smart lip once in a while. But for the grace of God go I! HE kept me & mine! Regardless of what sin I was in, I kept my children in church. I learned early on that wasn't nothing cute about cursing out my 'baby daddy' in front of my kids. I learned early on that talking bad about him wasn't doing ANYTHING for my situation except for possibly doing more damage (to my children) than good. GET A GRIP! No you SHOULDN'T have to go it alone, but a lot of things SHOULDN'T have happened, including but not limited to, having sex out of wedlock. That baby SHOULDN'T suffer because his/her parents are BOTH too immature to see that HE/SHE is what truly matters. Instead of trying to change the other parent, concentrate on yourself. Make sure YOU'RE the best parent YOU can be. It may not be the picture perfect life you dreamed, but let go & let God be the Artist & He will most certainly place the strokes of paint where they should be. ♥