Monday, April 1, 2013

RHOA Finale Rundooooown: You Can't Disguise Crazy!

Mmkay...Let's get straight to the biz! After that lil therapy session with the therapist, even Stevie Wonder could see Kordell & Porsha's breakup coming! They was not on the same page at all...Matter of fact, was they even reading the same book???? I really am glad that Porsha realized that Kuckoo Kenya was trying to play her. I mean, I think she knew from the jump to a certain extent, but then bought in to Kenya's LAME explanation of why she wanted her to come to her party as Bap's, but then after going thru the costumes her friends, TRUE friends, really opened her eyes as to what vengeful Kenya was trying to do. Trying to make her look like the dumbbell hoodrat she's always thought her to be. I just love when the bully gets the script flipped on them by the bullied! Then she was Foxy Brown. Tsk! Lookin' more like Freddie Brown with her manly self. She is truly not really a resident of planet Earth! You are really going to have a tantrum & have her kicked out of the party over her costume. She still played along, she just wasn't going to be your pawn is all. Then that dude, the one that was dressed like Shames Girl Jones in Coming Out of the Closet, that was trying to get all turned up with Kordell...Maaan...That woulda been a good cat fight...A cowardly lion and a catty hammerhead shark! I will admit I cracked up when Kenya said what she said about him when he jumped in their argument. He shoulda bucked up to those body guards if he was really bad. He ain't want no real fight though. He ain't about that life! LOL! Anyhoo, did any of y'all think it was strange that NeNe was the only one that could bring Kenya in? NeNe must be a Cuckoo Whisperer. I don't know. But you gotta love NeNe with her equal opportunity type honesty. She ran them costumes D-O-W-N, DOWN, honey & ain't told nothin' but the truth! Cynthier looked like... Cynthier with a fur. Peter still looked like a California Raisin in a faux fur....LOL! Kandi's Tina Turner was a hot SMOKING mess...If Tina looked like that, I could see why Ike would put them paws on her...She looked threatening like a stray, wild Thundercat. Todd is a loser almost like Ike for not participating. I cain't stand a lame party pooper! Just wear the wig, Ike! What's pride gotta do with it? What's pride but a bowl wig in motion??? Teehee...Phaedra looked like the mythical character, the Donkat...Half donkey half cat...BUTT<--pun intended--> NeNe was right on when she said she looked the best she has looked all season. & NeNe for who she was supposed to be was certainly fierce, honey! Two snaps in a Z formation, chile! I don't know about y'all but if I had a remote for life, I would be fast forwarding to the reunion right about yesterday! It looks like it's gonna be on & fan poppin' with all them exchanges between Kenya & Apollo! Yikes! Okaaaay!!! Well, until the reunion, like Kenya's mind...I'm OFF!!! Holla!!!