Friday, August 31, 2012

BRAXTON BRRREAK-DOWN!! Who's Thirsty? Gabe & Andre...That's who...Hmmm...More like PARCHED!!

  I know y'all were gettin' antsy awaiting my breakdown. I finsta keep it short but sassy...I'm gonna make it snappy, Pappy. Toni- Just cuz u gots the most ' medical conditions' don't make you no doctor! Pow! Just when w
e thought Tamar couldn't get any more extra, she does & puts the 'extra' in the freezer! Best quote of the night was by her daddy, "When you gonna take 'em out the freezer & put 'em in the oven?' Right! We needs to get the buns a-bakin'! But no pressure! I was probably more disappointed than Towanda that her date ended up being that LOSER, Andre! I mean...That's WORSE than a blind date. You already KNOW he's a complete & utter waste of skin. THEN all the gifts...dinner...Who's payin' for awla dis?!? Mmhmmmmm....Her mama sho'll got her back for those dates she sent her on! Matter fact, Towanda owes Mama Braxton a lil somethin' extra for that little mess she pulled! Shoooooooot....Is his name Andre? Who cares? Then there's GABE-AH! I cannot STAND him...BUT, you can't keep stringing him along using him for his 'finances'! If you're done with him...BE DONE WITH HIM!! Don't invite him back into your life on the 'business' tip & then try to act all upset when jealousy & stalking tendencies rear their ugly heads! As long as he has you up under his wallet he has you under his control....Seriously FREE YOURSELF, girl! AND...once again...Where is Trina from??? Traci. Why does she sound like she's from Fargo or somewhere with elongated O's??? Did y'all notice how I just threw Traci up in there? Yeah...That's how they be doing her! She gets in where she fits in, poor chile...Anyhoo, well, I kept it short & sassy just like I promised! Holla!!

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