Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love(less) & Hood Bunnies Rundown: Bigger Fish to Fry

K. Michelle did a dramatic presentation for Domestic Violence Awareness using her own personal experience.

Ok. I'm gonna go with the more serious issue first. This show is all about the surface drama but K. Michelle got deep & showed that we have bigger fish to fry when it comes to our younger generation. I give big ups to K.Michelle for being so brave to stand up against Domestic Violence & against her abuser, even though she is being harassed & ridiculed behind it. I was APPALLED at Rasheeda for even hinting that this might not have happened to her friend. I mean, I understand she's friends with the assailant as well, but after that true emotion K.Michelle showed at her performance, how could you even question her?!? I would've apologized for my previous skepticism! I'm so glad K.Michelle went off on her & left her sittin' there lookin' like an plum idiot! Sure- there are psycho women out there that might make up a story like that, but -& I don't know K.Michelle personally- K.Michelle doesn't seem like the type that would do that. Her emotion during both scenes was too real. D.V. is too real...& when someone who is famous & has power does it, it's hard for the victim to get support. I support you, K.Michelle, as do your TRUE friends, I'm sure. Rasheeda is just trying to make herself relevant on this show, but she's going about it the wrong way. She shoulda just stuck to renewing her vowels w/her spineless hubby. She ran game on him for real...Tryna act like she's puttin' all that manager mess behind her & now she wants to be all lovey-dovey...Man, please. You mean you stirred the pot, all that beef surfaced & now you wanna take your spoon out?!? But ok...Whatever's clever. Who's NOT clever? Mama Dee, that's who! What is with these non-spelling rapper's mamas?!? First Mama Jones with 'Physichotic'<She KNEW that was too big a word for her limited vocabulary anyway! THEN Mama Dee...BICTH????? That word has only FIVE letters!! ONLY F-I-I-IVE!! And we KNOW that's a part of her EVERYDAY vocabulary, so WHYYYY doesn't she know how to spell it?!?! If Scrappy knew any better, he'd be embarrassed! But he don't...& it's becoming more apparent why every time they show Mama Dee. What mother in their right mind encourages their son to be a pimp, player, whatever with all these diseases & cray cray folks out here these days? Yeah...Scrappy is like a fish out of water- just a flip-floppin' mess trying to figure out what he wants- which is his cake & ice cream...Oh- & he wants to eat it too... Moving right along...Bobble-head Bipolar Benzino...He is about to blow his top & Karlie knows he his fuse is short...like his neck. This finsta be another Ike & Tina- Karlie gonna be singing, "What's love gotta do with it? What's love but a backhand in motion? What's love gotta do, gotta do with it? Who needs a nose when a nose can be broken?" LOL! Just kidding!! Benzino got anger issues though & steady trying to play counselor with all his messed up friends. Anytime you gotta go to a strip club to get clarity, YOU- YOURSELF needs to get some mental help. Sleazy J got some real sexual addiction issues. He couldn't even hold a conversation without his little serpent tongue hittin' the stage at that club. SMH! Speaking of strippers, let's move on to Joseline. How many shades of blue did Joseline have on last night? LOL!! I mean, gimminee...Did you just spin the rack & snatch off anything that remotely looked like baby blue...SHEESH! HA! Mimi is killing me with the hard-boiled act. You may be boiling but you ain't hard...You're more like soft-boiled. Dude is gon' come back, poke you with a little "I love you" & you're gonna open up & pour out your self all over him again. She shoulda took that house from the first episode & moved on! BUT Shoulda, Woulda, or Coulda ain't never got nobody nowhere, dear. Well, like Mama Dee's spelling skills, I'm goen...er...gone! ;o> HOLLA!!

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