Friday, August 17, 2012


SHE'S BAAAAA-AAAAACK!!! Well...THEY'RE back...but Tamar is my fave so she gets a special shout out! Yes, she's over the top, but she's herself & I love that about her! She's freakin' hilarious & the show wouldn't be a show without her...That's just the TRUTH.COM! I do, however, think she needs to build a bridge & get over that whole shallow thinking of what pregnancy can do to her career & body & what-not! To be able to carry a baby is one of the greatest gifts God has blessed women with. It allows us to build a bond with our child(ren) that no other human will ever be able to have or break! JUST CARRY THE BABY, TAMAR & quit being such a if that's possible... That scene with Towanda & her INsignificant other made me want to run & dive face first on a hot, cemented sidewalk! I CANNOT STAND THAT LOSER!!! Talking about folks using folks! Ain't that the moocher calling the beggar a bum?!? FAH-LARIOUS when Tamar was like, "The baby might pick up some of his bad habits like not wanting to work." HAHAHA!! RIIIIGHT!! Soooo glad they didn't really show Gabe last night...I reached my Idiot Capacity with that one scene. So Mama's a life coach now...Hmmm...Ok...Ok...Is she a licensed counselor? Maybe she got her honorary degree b/c of what she deals with her daughters...LOL! Doc is sooo stinkin' thirsty...I don't think he heard anything she said with how loud his infatuation for her is. Maybe she shouldn't have went to him period...Not even on a business tip cuz like he said to her,"This is going to make it easier for me to stalk you." Ok...maybe he ain't use them words exactly but that's what he practically said. Anyhoo, poor Traci don't wannabe a wannabe no more...BUUUUUT...yeah...It's almost like her destiny...Traci the Wannabe...she might just need to accept that title...& Trina might wannabe gettin' that belly button looked at. An oozing, swollen navel??? That ain't hot!<In my Tamar voice. Speaking of swollen...That ego of Toni's is gettin' out of control...I mean...I understand she's serious about her career & and ol' girl shouldn't have disrespected by wanting to sing another artist's song... & I was liking her during the auditions, til she started acting all brand new after the FIRST rehearsal with the girls SHE picked! Her spoiled diva personality took over &, like Trina's shirt on that infected belly button, it rubbed me the wrong way! Hey, but if she gets rid of those ladies, she'll always have Traci...& Tamar if she needs them, I'm sure! LOL! Already loving the season & I'm so excited about Tamar & Vince's show that I could pee. Welcome back to my life, Thursday Night Television!! HOLLA!

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