Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love(less) & Hoodbunnies Rundown

Speaking of rundown...Man...Scrappy...Him & his groupie is soooo run doooown it's ridiculous! How you gon' sit there & encourage a MAN in his irresponsibility of his offspring & also be his cheerleader for alcoholism? "I looove when you get like dat! It turns me on!" WHAAAAT? Who loooves when their dude gets drunk...then has asthma attacks the following morning because of it...That ain't sexy! Shae takes the Hoodrat of the Night title for that one! Moving on...I hope things work out for Rasheeda & her hubby...It's hard mixing business & family & if it's not working, it needs to be FAMILY FIRST! Business can be handled by somebody else outside the marriage...Staying on the subject of business, Benzino handled that business for his Oldie but Goodie, Karlie with Vince. Vince said she's hot...Mmmm...I dunnooo...guess we'll have to see about that. But...more importantly...Was Benzino CRYING in that scene in the bedroom for reals??? He is the true definition of a wanksta! A weak, weeping gangsta has-been! Y'all ain't been datin' but for like 2 minutes & you already shedding tears?? I can't. Tell you what else I can't do...I CAN'T understand why these chicks keep going back to Stanky J. WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING?!?! Or...better yet... What is these girls' self-esteem NOT doing? I mean, I can't stand to look at his face let alone keep havin' him play me! That EXTRA dumb look when he said, "I do thissssssssssss." Maaan, I wanted to kick him with JustaMan's stiletto myself! Then she kept saying, "He can nah stah habin' ses wit me!" as if her body just be laying in the bed by itself & she's in the kitchen cookin' jambalaya or something & has NO control whatsoever with what he does with her body. La chica es chiquita bananas, man! And so is dangonit MiMi. She has been DRENCHED in weak sauce, cuz! I mean, I know she knows the story behind Sad J & his mama & I was feelin' for him for a minute too...That's really sad that he don't know his mama & I do know he is hurt behind that & that may be where his misuse & abuse of women stems from....BUT SO! It ain't gon' be at me & my daughter's expense. I'ma need you to have a lil talk wit Jesus...& the Maury Show counselor...but...er...um...til you get your healin', I can't be your guinea pig, boo! You ain't gon' keep playin' with my emotions & have me runnin' in circles on your warped wheel of lame lies & excuses! I would've broke his fingers if he would've attempted to wipe my tears! I don't know where your fingers were 'fore you got here...Back up offa me, you infested piece of nastiness! Shoooot...but...they love it! He got 'em hooked. I just don't understand it & I don't wanna go insane tryna figure it out...I'm officially flabbergasted...& next week looks like it's promising even more unbelievable buffoonery...& of course, for some unknown reason...like Sorry J's girls, I'm gonna keep tuning in & being disappointed...albeit thoroughly entertained! Until then, peeps! HOLLA!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

LoveLESS & Hoodbunnies Rundown

Dead-on accuracy of some of L&HH ATL's characters...Yes...characters.
I know... I know... I'm tre' late on this week's review, but I completely forgot to watch cuz I had some thangs goin on...Ok...Truth is- my husband cooked some bacon & the fumes had me mesmerized that night...But I'm here...LATE but HERE. I apologize to my faithful readers. I can't promise that bacon won't come before you again, but I will try to fight off its evil, albeit tasty temptations...ANYHOO, speaking of PIGS, Scrappy is one of the biggest! I don' know who's worse...Him or Sleazy J...I mean, they both lie like fat, lazy dogs on the porch in the summertime! But Scrappy...Wanting to -first- play his baby mama to the left like Jeff, but THEN trying to play his kid? And that mini-temper tantrum he threw in the hallway...I can't. All respect is lost for him, man...I can not respect a man whose money is worth more to him than his kid. "You gon' take care uh me on that paperwork?" Yep, sure am...I'll make sure you get the papers...IN THE MORNIN'! 'Xactly what I woulda told him. Just like Erika's mama said, "He ain't gotta show you his (pay)stubs, but he WILL show the folks downtown!" Belee dat! I guess we do have to take in consideration his upbringing...I mean, he WAS raised by that loose cannon, Mama Dee. Shouldn't she be looking into getting a room at Shady Greens Nursing Home instead of BEING shady & instigating fights between her son's baby's mama & his next 'thang'?!? She is a Geriatric Gangster...Where dey do dat at? I guess the good ol' ATL, hunh? And that idiot hoodmonkey, Shay is sitting there just thinking she's getting in sooo good...Don't you know when the NEXT next 'thang' come along they'll be sitting there plotting against YOU... & yah weave?!? Females are so silly & delusional sometimes...SMH! Speaking of delusional, I kinda respect that Joseline apologized to MiMi...after she cussed her out & threatened her...that was nice. Seriously...she finally made some sense. Stupid J is full of lies & is feeding both of them stories. Just like Scrappy is doing. They should start their own line of Hallmark Cards - "Lies From the Heart" cards- For when you care enough to lie your very worst. LOL! Antywaysss... Rasheeda was shady for going behind her MANager's back & having that meeting! She def shoulda had a sitdown with her hubby BEFORE she had a sitdown with anybody else! She does owe him that much! Then gon' breakdown like HE did somethin' to HER! Um..no, boo-boo...Just like that 1st monitor at your lil party...that is not gonna work! HAH! She's pretty though. *Shrugs* Moving right along...How bout the budding romance between Karlie & Benzino? Just goes to show, you're never too old for love. Teehee. That kiss almost made me hurl though...I felt like Benzino's neckless head...really uncomfortable. Ha! Dumbest quote of the night goes to Karlie with (not verbatim, cuz I didn't want to fully memorize such ignorance), "You can't talk like an adult, you should be able to fight like an adult." Hey, old lady- If you are truly an adult you DON'T fight. Silly rabbit, hits are for kids! K. Michelle is a fool with the funniest quote of the night,"I Googled your name & a brand of vinegar popped up." LOL!! She kept a straight face wit it and e'erthang! That's my kinda humor! But on a serious note, is K. Michelle in the Witness Protection Program or something? WHYYY does she keep changing her hair from scene to scene? I ain't mad at 'er though...If she can, she should... I guess...Hair today gone tomorrow! I need to weave her alone, she ain't payin' me no extension! LOL!! Ok. Welp, I guess just like MiMi with Shiesty J, I'm done....'TIL NEXT WEEK! LOL!! HOLLA!!!

Walmartians Reach An All New LOW

N the News 2day: I posted this pic yesterday, not knowing how relevant it would be for my 'N the News 2day' bit today. Anyhoo, 2 women are facing child abandonment charges for leaving the baby they brought to Walmart in the cart. The one yr old baby was left in the cart after the 2 women were confronted about shoplifting from the store. The mother of the child was the first to flee, followed by the child's aunt who, at first, dragged the cart with the baby in it, but later let go of the cart & continued running. It was found out that the mother was already on house arrest for a home invasion charge. SMH!!! How you jus' gon' leave your baby though? The loss prevention officer even called after her,"You're leaving your baby! Are you gonna come & get your baby?!?" and the idiot yelled back, "That ain't my baby!" Such a shame! I guess the numb-knucks thought, "Shoplifting charges?!? No way! If I go to jail it's gonna be worth it...I'll leave my offspring in the cart, then I will have earned my arrest!" Stupid heads...One of them falling prices musta fell on their brains! These Walmartians attempted albeit FAILED express check-out got them an express check-IN to the county!! Book 'em, Dano!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

N the News 2day: Burger King Fires It's Court Jester

A Burger King employee in Mayfield Heights (Cleveland) was fired after the above picture was taken of him standing, with his shoes on, in tubs of lettuce. It is said that at least 3 employees of the BK were fired after the picture was tracked back to them by a computer geek. Now...What kinda Double Whopper w/cheese, hold the lettuce is that?? Burger King is serving SOLE food now?? LOL! SMH!! Have it your way......oooor the Nike way, hunh? This idiot took the pic as a joke...Well, jokes on u, fool...Now instead of standing in lettuce, you & two of your court jester friends are standing in the unemployment line! I know that was Iceberg lettuce cuz dude is going down like the Titanic! What is this world coming to? Forget Burger King...We need Jesus THE King! Lettuce pray. LOLOLOL!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

(No)Love & Hoodbunny Breakdown

 (No)Love & Hoodbunny Breakdown: I know some folks chose Direct TV when making their cable decisions, unbeknownst to them that Direct TV would drop some of the most watched channels some time down the line. However, some of you still have internet & can access FB or my blog. Therefore you can read my lil breakdown of L&HH Atlanta & get your hood-fix that you've been longing for since last Monday. Mmmkay!
First things first- Karlie is really 40 trying to get her singing career off the ground? SMH! She shoulda tried out for X Factor! From what I seen with that shaky performance she did for Sleazy J, she needs to buy herself a sequined, ankle-length evening gown, find a lounge somewhere , lay on top of a piano & call it a job! Ain't nobody finsta be buyin' her records! 'Cept for Benzino & his ill-built self...He needs to put an APB out on his neck. Anyhoo...Yeah, K. Michelle straight pimp-smacked Karlie with that napkin. Karlie got up- but like her career- did NOTHING! She just stood there, then gon' sit there & cry like, "I'm crying...because I really want to hit her! You knooow me, MiMi!" Maaaan, whatever, granny...You sho'll coulda got a pop off had you really wanted to. UNLIKE Karlie's career, let's keep it moving right along...Scrappyyyy....How you gon' reach in the air, grab a laaaame excuse like that & make THAT the reason you can't be with yo baby mama?!? Like Erika said,"You're asthmatic...You have asthma attacks..." BEEN having asthma problems for the last 10 yrs AT LEAST! I'm sure this wasn't the first instance Scrappy has had an attack & Erika made the necessary phone calls & went on about her business...& Mama Dee, if folks were there, Erika did NOT leave your (GROWN) son 'for dead'. Was it me or did Mama Dee's voice get creepily deep the last time she screamed "YOU LEFT MY SON FO' DEAD!"? She sounded like Holiday Heart up in here! Antywaaaays...Scrappy was lookin' for any & e'er excuse to drop ol' girl & this just happened to come along right on time. I'm surprised that all that weave his new boo thang be wearin' don't set off his asthma more...She is truly unbeweavable! She has more tracks than the Chattanooga Choo-Choo railway, which is appropriate I guess with all that caboose! Erika is just as clueless as she wanna be, ain't she?!? You don't think there's nobody else? REALLY? Poor chile...Which brings me to MiMi...I'm sorry..but after so many times of you stepping out in front of a moving bus, I think you're actually WANTING to get hit! These scenes are sooo staged. For real? MiMi's just gonna pull up in her SUV with 3 boxes (after 15 yrs) of Sorry J's stuff, to the house he's supposed to be 'staying' at & get out the car still all hyped up from 2 shows ago? I can't take it! THEN- he can grab you around your waist but when he tries to steal a kiss you hiss in your Miss Sophia (Color Purple)voice,"Don't even think about it!" Seriously? Stop with all the dramatics! You like it or you wouldn't keep putting yourself in the position to be played. You are starting to look like a real dumb broad! It's time for her to be like K.Michelle's hair & make some changes! LOL! Seriously tho, I don't recognize K.Michelle from one scene to the next sometimes. Well, I guess that's all I gots to say about that! Let me make like Bucky's hair & make tracks! HOLLA!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Not a Black Thing...THIS Time...

Tired of hearing it!!>> Folks talkin' about Love & Hip Hop...ALL the 'Wives' shows...how they are made to set the Black community back....How they make 'us' look bad. Even read that VH1 seems to 'hate Black women'. Maaaaan, miss me wit that!! Yes, some of these shows have all (or mostly) Black casts but they also have some that are all (or mostly) WHITE casts...I.E. - Housewives of New Jersey, Housewives of Beverly Hills, Mob Wives, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant etc...& they look just as 'bad'! Not saying it's right, but it's TRUE! Stop taking stuff so personally! These women are not ME! They don't represent ME! They represent THEMSELVES & THEIR lifestyles!! Takin' it back to the old school>>MY NAME IS WES & I AIN'T IN THAT MESS!! LOL!! Seriously, reality t.v. makes HUMANS look 'bad' PERIOD & that's because there are some 'bad', silly, ignorant humans!!! POINT BLANK! AND the MAJORITY of society LOOOOVES it (even the ones who complain) or these shows wouldn't be so successful! If you don't like it, don't watch it! I exercise this right with CNN & ESPN, BECAUSE I POSSESS THE POWER TO CONTROL THE REMOTE as do we all! Now back to your regularly scheduled program...or not...It's COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE!! ;o>

(No) Love & Hoodbunnies Breakdown of the Broke Down

 First...let's give ups to Rasheeda, since she & her hubby were the positive highlight of the evening! She listened to her better-half & made it do what it do! I liked that! Black love is beautiful. The record of tranquility comes to a screeching halt right here .... aaand let the hood games begin!>>> Momma Dee is, as we've established in the 1st episode, BONKERS!! What 67 yr old talks about being a queen on a throne, dubs her thug son a prince & is 100% SERIOUS about it. She might be the queen of Ratchetville, but that's about it! & her son...A prince? He's still a frog with the way he's playing Erika for that reality non-factor. Just tell her already! It's unfair the way he's stringing her along! And she is reeeeallllyyy falling for the okie-doke talkin' bout "I'ma have a ring!" Yeah...a ring of tissues laying around you once Scrappy let's you in on his little, bubble butt, one-weave-track-too-many having secret! I feel sorry for Erika, cuz like that blind drunk on the train tracks, she don't even see it comin'! Keepin' it 100 tho...Scrappy looked like HE got scrapped in that fight wit Sleazy J! I was quite surprised to see J on top & the thug yellin' for him to 'let him go'. But something did happen to the R&B not-so smooth talkin' lover boy cuz he couldn't walk straight after the 2nd bout & he did have a contusion...Anyhoo, those shots didn't really make things clear. We're left to assume who the champ was...Tho it's clear who the psycho is....Joseline is such a sad, insane case! "Did u eba lub me?" GIRL, BYE!! He took you to have an abortion!! Not because he LOVES you, because he LOVES himself with his possum lookin' self! She feels like she 'owes' him! What about you? What do you 'owe' your self?!? Ladies- know your worth!! And MiMi...She tells him to 'exit stage left' but says stuff like, "IF you want to save this..." WHAT?!?! Why does she KEEP giving him choices?!? Tain't no savin' nuthin but nem child support checks, chile!! Everybody plays a fool sometime...but she's trying to make a lifestyle of it!! She's not only risking her sanity, but she's risking her health!! Dude ain't strapping up!! 4 or 5 baby mamas?!? Can't 'REMEMBER' who he's been with---in the ATL?!? Maaaan...He's a walking STD!! Ain't NO male worth your life, especially when you got kids to live for! I call him a male because he's def not a MAN! I'm gettin' just as frustrated with these idiotic women that refuse to see things for what they really are all in the name of being in love with the THOUGHT of being in love!! SMH!! Well...Like the common sense of said women... I'm GONE! HOLLAH!!