Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walmartians Reach An All New LOW

N the News 2day: I posted this pic yesterday, not knowing how relevant it would be for my 'N the News 2day' bit today. Anyhoo, 2 women are facing child abandonment charges for leaving the baby they brought to Walmart in the cart. The one yr old baby was left in the cart after the 2 women were confronted about shoplifting from the store. The mother of the child was the first to flee, followed by the child's aunt who, at first, dragged the cart with the baby in it, but later let go of the cart & continued running. It was found out that the mother was already on house arrest for a home invasion charge. SMH!!! How you jus' gon' leave your baby though? The loss prevention officer even called after her,"You're leaving your baby! Are you gonna come & get your baby?!?" and the idiot yelled back, "That ain't my baby!" Such a shame! I guess the numb-knucks thought, "Shoplifting charges?!? No way! If I go to jail it's gonna be worth it...I'll leave my offspring in the cart, then I will have earned my arrest!" Stupid heads...One of them falling prices musta fell on their brains! These Walmartians attempted albeit FAILED express check-out got them an express check-IN to the county!! Book 'em, Dano!

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