Thursday, July 26, 2012

LoveLESS & Hoodbunnies Rundown

Dead-on accuracy of some of L&HH ATL's characters...Yes...characters.
I know... I know... I'm tre' late on this week's review, but I completely forgot to watch cuz I had some thangs goin on...Ok...Truth is- my husband cooked some bacon & the fumes had me mesmerized that night...But I'm here...LATE but HERE. I apologize to my faithful readers. I can't promise that bacon won't come before you again, but I will try to fight off its evil, albeit tasty temptations...ANYHOO, speaking of PIGS, Scrappy is one of the biggest! I don' know who's worse...Him or Sleazy J...I mean, they both lie like fat, lazy dogs on the porch in the summertime! But Scrappy...Wanting to -first- play his baby mama to the left like Jeff, but THEN trying to play his kid? And that mini-temper tantrum he threw in the hallway...I can't. All respect is lost for him, man...I can not respect a man whose money is worth more to him than his kid. "You gon' take care uh me on that paperwork?" Yep, sure am...I'll make sure you get the papers...IN THE MORNIN'! 'Xactly what I woulda told him. Just like Erika's mama said, "He ain't gotta show you his (pay)stubs, but he WILL show the folks downtown!" Belee dat! I guess we do have to take in consideration his upbringing...I mean, he WAS raised by that loose cannon, Mama Dee. Shouldn't she be looking into getting a room at Shady Greens Nursing Home instead of BEING shady & instigating fights between her son's baby's mama & his next 'thang'?!? She is a Geriatric Gangster...Where dey do dat at? I guess the good ol' ATL, hunh? And that idiot hoodmonkey, Shay is sitting there just thinking she's getting in sooo good...Don't you know when the NEXT next 'thang' come along they'll be sitting there plotting against YOU... & yah weave?!? Females are so silly & delusional sometimes...SMH! Speaking of delusional, I kinda respect that Joseline apologized to MiMi...after she cussed her out & threatened her...that was nice. Seriously...she finally made some sense. Stupid J is full of lies & is feeding both of them stories. Just like Scrappy is doing. They should start their own line of Hallmark Cards - "Lies From the Heart" cards- For when you care enough to lie your very worst. LOL! Antywaysss... Rasheeda was shady for going behind her MANager's back & having that meeting! She def shoulda had a sitdown with her hubby BEFORE she had a sitdown with anybody else! She does owe him that much! Then gon' breakdown like HE did somethin' to HER!, boo-boo...Just like that 1st monitor at your lil party...that is not gonna work! HAH! She's pretty though. *Shrugs* Moving right along...How bout the budding romance between Karlie & Benzino? Just goes to show, you're never too old for love. Teehee. That kiss almost made me hurl though...I felt like Benzino's neckless head...really uncomfortable. Ha! Dumbest quote of the night goes to Karlie with (not verbatim, cuz I didn't want to fully memorize such ignorance), "You can't talk like an adult, you should be able to fight like an adult." Hey, old lady- If you are truly an adult you DON'T fight. Silly rabbit, hits are for kids! K. Michelle is a fool with the funniest quote of the night,"I Googled your name & a brand of vinegar popped up." LOL!! She kept a straight face wit it and e'erthang! That's my kinda humor! But on a serious note, is K. Michelle in the Witness Protection Program or something? WHYYY does she keep changing her hair from scene to scene? I ain't mad at 'er though...If she can, she should... I guess...Hair today gone tomorrow! I need to weave her alone, she ain't payin' me no extension! LOL!! Ok. Welp, I guess just like MiMi with Shiesty J, I'm done....'TIL NEXT WEEK! LOL!! HOLLA!!!

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