Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LOOK OUT (for shady bizness deals & closet dwellers) & HIP HOP RUNDIZZY

Sooo....Y'all know how I like to do...Small fries first...Scrappy...Wow. You really were sooo irrelevant on this episode. They could've kept that 'fill the space' clip with yo' mama. She's right, you're always gonna be a 'mama's boy'...the Prince of that castle...which is a 2 bedroom apartment. SMH! I threw up in my mouth a few times & almost stabbed myself in the eyes & ears with a hot screwdriver when Mama D was flirting with the Dog Whisperer. I think he did too. He was trying to be polite...I think....I hope....Or is Scrappy finsta have a Step Fiz-ny-ee younger than him! LOL! That really has got to be embarrassing for the young Scrappy...Anyhoo...DJ Crazy...I mean Traci tried to be funny when she invited Shay to that fashion show Erica was in. Shay was so uncomfortable as she should've been. Liked the way Erica conducted herself cuz it could've got real ugly real quick if she let her emotions lead her but she was a lady. I liked that. Ummm...K.Michelle & Mimi...Really...Mimi...YOU ARE NOT HARD! Hate when she acts like that. It's like watching Halle Berry play a hood role. It's just not believable. She got smacked tough with them flowers tho...LOL!!! That must've been the Pimp Smack Bouquet! HAAAA!! Then Mimi just stood there...Even the most nonviolent of folks would've had some sorta reaction besides, "See? Cuz that's what you resort to cuz you're a whack 'B'!" I can see why Mimi called her that, tho...Cuz she just WHACKED her wit dem flowers. LOL! Mimi was Pitiful Wasted too. LOL! Slurring her words...One eye closed. She looked AND sounded PITIFUL! K.Michelle has a bad way of doing it, but I do think she knows what she's talking about with Kujo...or whatever his name is & she's just trying to let Mimi know. It's all in the delivery, K. If you want someone to receive the message you're giving, then you have to deliver with less attitude. She delivered them flowers tho...Straight to Mimi's sharply chiseled facial structure. Moving right along, Joseline is HI-LARIOUS! She was like "Ah wih keek you rie in your braces!" She will too. CheMack was holding her own tho til she made that tic-tac-toe comment, then Joseline ticked & tagged dat jawline! I don't know why CheMack kept talking! You could tell off rip with her pig tails, bedazzled bra & matching hat that Joseline was not feeling it. Shut your trap, Braces Face! BTW, Joseline, sweetie, it's Brace Face in English, dear...Sneaky J acting like he was trying to be on the up & up...Please, dude...Honest, you are NOT! Speaking of honest...I HONESTly cannot STAND Kirk. Kirk the JERK! I mean really... I think the cameras are saving his life...cuz if I was Rasheeda, I would've put him out of his misery! I hope Rasheeda packed her bags (shout out to K.Michelle;) because he is a TRIP! Who says stuff like that to his WIFE? 'I think you did this to spite me.' WHA-?!? 'I pulled out...' HUNH?!? How EIGHTH GRADE is that, you DUMMY!!! If you got as many kids as you're claiming then you should KNOW that mess don't work! 'Have an abortion.' Y'all are MARRIED, you creep!! You didn't knock up a jump off! You got your WIFE pregnant!!!! MAAAAAAN!! I caught a BAD case of AHWOOSHANOOKAWOOD's watching that mess last nite...I almost slapped MY hubby off GP! Then there's DJ Shady! You ain't get bamboozled &/or hoodwinked by no partner! You ain't got no partner, maaaan!<---In my Martin voice. He took that money & probably paid off some sort of debt or something! He ain't even look mad! He looked like, "Is she buying it?" SMH! She did. Hook, line & sinker...Just like she bought that mess about the store. DJ Traci was mad at him for not having a contract but she should be kinda of mad at herself for not asking to see it herself...but nooooo...she was too consumed with the fear & insecurity of a hoodrat infestation that she didn't ask the important questions. Who just hands over $25,000 without seeing some legal documentation of some sort??? ESPECIALLY to a baby daddy that you can't even trust with your child? HIS child??? Females & their feelings, man...Can't see the forest for the trees! Welp, that's all for this rundown! Like DJ Traci's money, I'm GONE! HOLLA!!