Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's Good For the Goose Is BAD For the Gander: J-Quizzle on the fight @ Elsa's

     Hey! It's been a loooong time! Too long! But I just HAD to blog about this one.

     So... I just watched the fight that happened at Elsa's in Dayton, Ohio. (Insert Blank Stare here) It was the most ratchet mess ever. Not only do you have several Black women cursing, throwing glasses, flat out BRAWLING like a bunch of animals, but you have Black men laughing, cheering and RECORDING it! Thanks bunches for setting 'us' back 100 years, hood bunnies! Now, I am the first to say, "That was THEM. They were representing THEMSELVES. It has nothing to do with ME." BUT. IT. DOES. Why? Because I frequent a lot of establishments on that side of town. Me, my fam & friends frequent a lot of establishments, period.  It does make 'us', as a people, look bad. It's not fair that I have to get the side eye because those jokers didn't know how to act like CIVILIZED ADULTS. Standing on seats, acting/looking stupid  and not giving two stinkin' farts about the other INNOCENT patrons and employees who may have been caught in the crossfire of hurled glasses, fists & profanity.

     YES, other races get in bar brawls & such. I get that. HOWEVER, when 'we' do it, if y'all haven't caught on yet, 'we' are LUMPED in TOGETHER. It's not "Oh...Bobby Jo just got into another bar fight. That boy just can't get right." It's "See, you can't let Blacks/Niggers into our establishments. THEY don't know how to act." I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying that's how it IS. It's just like I had to tell my son when he came back from school one day and had been given detention for running around the classroom. He said, "It's not fair, (insert classmate's name here, a White kid) was chasing me. He was running too." I had to explain to my child that though it's not fair, it's how things go. ( And, yes, I told him that if he would not have run, so&such could not chase him) HOWEVER, both boys were guilty of the same misbehavior. I had to run it down to my child that what he does as a Black child is amplified. It's sad but true. 'We' can't do what many other races do and 'get away with it' because (some IGNORANT) people are already on 'alert' when it comes to Black people. Two White boys can play the game of pencils/knuckles and it will be a couple of boys being boys playing the GAMES boys play, but if Black boys play it will be called 'violent' or acts of aggression (in a predominantly White school- I have been witness to this, as well). Do you know how many times I have been in a 'discussion' in my workplace and the White co-worker will just be 'making his/her point' and when I start 'making my points' I'm being 'argumentative' and it has been actually said to me "I'm not trying to argue with you."? This is the world I/'we' live in. This is 'our' reality. 'We' have to try harder to be seen as nonviolent, to not be seen as the aggressor. 'We' don't need to engage in acts that make 'us' look like the uncivilized hooligans some people already perceive 'us' to be. 'We' need to work harder at proving them wrong instead doing things to prove they are right about 'us' because, as 'we' know, they're NOT.

     Yes, in comparison to all of the good, civilized, productive, intelligent, successful, AWESOME Black citizens we have in the world, it was only a handful of 'us' that were at that Elsa's acting like complete idiots, with no home training. However, with the video going viral, it is a representation of the Black race to the billions of people who reside in cyberspace. As much as it's UNFAIR, it's the UGLY truth.

     To those who keep the video in circulation by reposting it, you're not helping 'us' out any. Stop spreading & promoting the ignorance. Either that, or stop getting mad at how the world views 'us'. IJS.