Thursday, July 19, 2012

N the News 2day: Burger King Fires It's Court Jester

A Burger King employee in Mayfield Heights (Cleveland) was fired after the above picture was taken of him standing, with his shoes on, in tubs of lettuce. It is said that at least 3 employees of the BK were fired after the picture was tracked back to them by a computer geek. Now...What kinda Double Whopper w/cheese, hold the lettuce is that?? Burger King is serving SOLE food now?? LOL! SMH!! Have it your way......oooor the Nike way, hunh? This idiot took the pic as a joke...Well, jokes on u, fool...Now instead of standing in lettuce, you & two of your court jester friends are standing in the unemployment line! I know that was Iceberg lettuce cuz dude is going down like the Titanic! What is this world coming to? Forget Burger King...We need Jesus THE King! Lettuce pray. LOLOLOL!!!

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