Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love(less) & Hoodbunnies Rundown: Sneaky J & the Sneak Attacked

Deb lookin' like Henery Hawk
Henery Hawk
Love(less) & Hoodbunny Rundown: Let's start with the most boring...er...um...the LEAST drama first. Rasheeda & the hubby, (Wannabe) Captain Kirk...They're tryna make a story where there ain't one. Yes, she met with that lady that looks like a drag queen baby hawk on steroids (see attached pic)...Yes, Rasheeda thinks you messed up her career...Yes, she thinks you're holdin' her down...& Yes, you might actually have to get a 9 to 5 as an electric company meter reader or cable installer...Any more questions? Where else can this story go? Just like that NeNe Leakes wig on the O. G.'s head...I'm over it!! HA! K. Michelle...I would say that she didn't really know enough to go back & tell Ericka, really...Scrappy came to a show with an unbeweavable woman...So? That's all she saw. Now, Rasheeda DID witness some questionable stuff & she had more to tell Ericka. She should've accompanied K. Michelle on that little luncheon. I kinda feel for Ericka. She fin
ally cracked....Speaking of crack, K. Michelle's butt is HUGE-AH! Not that I was looking...but you couldn't ignore it! It like... walked into that club with the girls as its own entity! Seriously! It was like K. Michelle, her butt, MiMi & Mimi's friend. She got that Michael Jackson booty! With HAM ON IT!! HEE! HEEE! LOL! Speaking of big butts...BUT how is Benzino gon' be buyin' a ring for a chick he JUST start kickin' it with? They've only been dating for 3 days in reality show episode time...So that's what? 3 weeks in real time? She musta really put it on him, cuz his nose & wallet is WIDE open! Guess it ain't trickin' if you got it, hunh? I mean...How does he KNOW it's real love? I, myself, think it's real...INFATUATION! You neckless fool! You're helping her with her career, showering her with gifts...OF COURSE she 'LOVES' you! Make like the growth of your neck & slooow down! And did y'all catch that bipolar convo between Karlie & Joseline? It went from "We ain't collaboratin' nuttin' cuz I hate you!" to "Giiiirl, you datin' Benzino?!?" girlfriend convo in like 2 seconds flat. That was def a weird lil conversation. Now...To the biggest, most hot messiest story on the show. The lust triangle between MiMi, Silly J, & Joseline...Man...Sly J got both his women to go into counseling...TOGETHER. Dude is a pure genius...or at least he has his genius moments...Then he demolishes those moments almost simultaneously with his idiocy...I honestly thinks it's an illness...I, personally, believe that the hits should've came from MiMi when he mopped that hot tamale's nose...Even the counselor lost his cool for a minute & had to question the dummy! But when that habanero pepper blew her liiiiiid & molly-whopped ol' Stupid J in that pinched grill of his....MAAAAAN!! I couldn't help but cheer! Women around the globe have BEEN wanting to do that since premiere night! It confirmed one thing for sure tho...MiMi is truly NOT a fighter! I mean, any chick I know that is in MiMi's position woulda got some licks in on both nem mugs! Joseline's Josephine Baker leggo snap-on quik-weave would been snatched out much quicker than it was put in, honey!! Then MiMi gon' act like "Yeah...get one in for me!" Girl, you shoulda got one in for YO'SELF because OBVIOUSLY he's still messing with the girl if she got that mad over you being in the house...STUPID. I haaaate when women say, "If it wasn't for the kid, I wouldn't be here!" CHILD, PUH-LEASE!! You're still there cuz you wanna be. He is DOGGING you! He is sleeping with folks & not even thinking enough of you to strap up!! You don't want your child to grow up in a broken home?!? TOO LATE!!! Your home is SHATTERED!!! You better make tracks now while that kid is too young to understand. He can visit & still be 'sweet' Daddy...but while he is still in the household she will be able to witness his misuse & abuse of you & that can lead to her resenting not only him, but you too. Why would you want her to be subject to that MESS all the time? I'm a strong believer in 'complete' families with both parents, but there are times when it's best for the parents to not live/be together ESPECIALLY when one is a HORRIBLE example of a partner let alone a human being. Well....it's time for me to make like Sucker J after that lil tussle & exit stage left....HOLLA!!
Spoiler: I heard Scrappy proposes to Ericka...Read the story here: http://sandrarose.com/2012/08/
y-moms/#.UB_0RhSiVLk.facebook Shhhh!

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