Wednesday, August 1, 2012

God's Version of Angry Birds...Not So Fun.

N the News 2day: Boy riding a roller coaster gets hit by a bird. A young boy who was riding one of the fastest roller coasters in Six Flags New Jersey was hit by a bird. The boy said he felt a burning sensation on his neck/shoulder, looked down & seen blood & feathers. WHAT THE WAKA FLOCKA OF FEATHERY CREATURES?!? I don't know what woulda had me screamin' worse, the ride or the bird hitting me on the ride...Surely the latter! I didn't like roller coasters before this story but it def wasn't because I had a fear of getting hit by flying fowl at 55 mph!! me a bird brain, but I have a NEW reason not to get on those twisted speed demons. Imagine if that bird woulda hit beak first...It coulda still been stickin' out of the tikes neck. *Shivers* Roller coasters are officially for the birds!! #NewVersionofAngryBirds

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