Monday, March 25, 2013

RHO Astronomical High-Budget Low-Class PHitness Videos Rundown:

Love is in the air for Kandi & her boo, Todd...And the pen is on the paper for the pre-nup! Kandi ain't playin' with her money! Shoooot! First comes BUSINESS, NEXT comes love, THEN comes marriage, THEN comes somebody else their baby to carry! <---I thought that was a lil over the top but whatev...I guess that's how rich people do it these days. SMH. She shouldn't have mentioned her mama ever coming to stay with her though...That is a deal-breaker with some men. Don't nobody want their mother-in-law within walking distance of their house. I mean, as much as I love my MIL, I'm cool on that. Distance makes the heart grow fonder...or something like that...Anyhoo... The whole NeNe & Greg thing STILL grosses me out. I guess when you love somebody, it don't matter how old & cornball they are. If NeNe refers to Greg's geriatric gestures as swag one more time...UUUGH!!! I just about throw-up in my mouth every time he makes an attempt at sexy....But NeNe likes it so that's all that matters, I guess. Poor Poor-sha...I feel sorry for her. Can't wait to see her pompous hubby in counseling with her next week. He bet' not act a butt up in there! What a great segway into the most entertaining portion of the show.---> Speaking of butts---> for reals, Phaedra? Just when folks were rooting for you, you go n' do that high-budget, low-class workout video??? Who cares if it's filmed in a grandiocious mansion when you're doing hood moves? & wearing that painted on lime green unflattering but FATtering outfit? & that's F-A-T, not PHAT! LOL! It was too much & not enough all at the same time! Then she was about to pass out halfway through! LOL!! I ain't gonna lie...I woulda passed out tryna get into that outfit! HAAA! Even the name of her video is stupid...PHINE? For reals? What is that? Pretty, Hot & I (ain't got) No Energy? Kenya showed you up on this one, Phaedra, girl. If I was serious about getting in shape, the video I would go with would definitely be Kenya's Booty Boot Camp. She might be a lil unfit mentally but physically, she's a boss! If I want to burn a few calories laughing, I'll get Phine cuz that mess looks Phunny. I'm glad Cynthier kept it real with Kenya on that Walter thing. Hopefully something that she said sticks. I hope they keep it real with Phaedra too & tell her that lime green mess didn't make her look PHINE it made her look she would smell like fried green tomatoes & sauteed onions! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Ok. Like Phaedra should be with workout videos, I'm DONE! HOLLAAAA!

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