Friday, June 1, 2012

Proper Drive-Thru Etiquette

As I sat in a McDonald's drive-thru yesterday waiting, with slight irritation, on the guy in front of me in a loud suburban with a bad exhaust, to get his hundred and one McCheeseburgers & McFries & pass them out to his eleven kids, I realized folks really don't have a clue of how to conduct themselves in a drive-thru. People really are not considerate of the other people who are waiting to quench their thirst, as I was, or satisfy their hunger. (Hungry diabetics can get really agitated.) Most people go thru drive-thrus because they are impatient & want to get their food fast. Folks who are not on the same agenda make drive-thru stops miserable! So here's 5 tips to improve not only your next trip thru the drive-thru, but your drive-thru brethren as well:

#1. Don't order like you're in need of someone to talk to. Like you're in a counseling session. I.E. " think I'll haaaave aaaaaa #5...nooo...wait...What comes on that? Okaaaay...maybe I will have that...Nooo...What do you recommend, Sally? That is what you said your name is, right?" This is NERVE-RACKING for the driver behind you!The attendant is NOT your therapist! Order & keep it moving, Lonely Heart!

#2. Have an idea of what you're going to get BEFORE you pull up to the speaker. Nothing worse than being behind somebody & you hear,"Hi...May I take your order?" 
Customer: "Just a minute." 
Attendant: "Take your time." AND YOU ACTUALLY DO TAKE YOUR TIME! That is unfair in that not only are you taking YOUR time but you're taking other peoples' time as well! You've more than likely been to this establishment a million times & almost ALWAYS order the same thing each time! I don't know about you, but I want to use most of my lunch time enjoying my lunch...NOT ORDERING IT!

#3. If you are one of those jokers who ALWAYS has special instructions for your order like; "One #3 please, but...are you listening? Ok... I want the cheeseburger minus the cheese, make it a double,  wit 2 pieces of bacon- crisscrossed, 3 pickles slid to the right a lil bit, 1/3rd slice of tomato, half ring of onion, extra mayo, a teaspoon of mustard, hold the ketchup, 'less it's Heinz, if it's Heinz spread a little on the BOTTOM bun...wit light lettuce..Oh & no sesame seeds on my bun, please." MAAAAN! Write that mess in a note & take it on the inside! Ain't nobody got all day for you to repeat that, then go thru your order & double check that!

#4. If you got more than 2 orders, GO INSIDE!! They're gonna get it wrong anyway! Then paying for multiple orders with different kinds of currency for each order ....OMGEEEEE!! That is enough to cause Drive-Thru Homicide! GO INSIDE WIT AWLADAT!

#5. Just like I mentioned about the man earlier...If you do have multiple orders or are going to divvy the order up betwixt people in your car, be courteous, AND PULL OUT OF THE DANG DRIVE-THRU!!! Do not be ignorant, like dude in the suburban, and hold up the line to make sure Ray-Ray, Pooky n' nem got their grub before you pull off. Pull that raggedy heap of rusty metal over into a parking space or somethin'! He better be glad they don't do E-checks no more! #FAIL

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