Thursday, June 21, 2012

Put On Your Big Boy Briefs & Go To Jail!

Man makes prank phone calls that lands him in jail. A man was arrested for making prank phone calls to women & asking them what kind of underwear they were wearing. If the women refused to talk about their undergarments, he threatened to rape a kid that he claimed he was holding hostage. When officials caught up with the prankster, there were no children but they arrested him for the harassing phone calls. See? Why can't I get phone calls like this? Cuz I would change the sicko's life with my answer. I'd say something like: I wear granny panties. They come up past my pendulum abdomen. (This is a medical term for 'gut that hangs over your belt'.) They cover my Cesarian scar that I obtained after birthin' 2 kids...You know they push them lil boogers thru that little slit?!? Mmmhmm...The keloid scar reeeeallllyyy itches sometimes! My draws are made of 100% cotton! And I like my undies like I like my car insurance...FULL COVERAGE, BABY! Is that sexy enough for you, boo? Because my 6'4, 250+ pound hubby loooooves it! Now...Bubba (from the county) would like to know, boxers...or briefs??? Oh & you get one phone call...Make it count! #NexttimeuseaPRIVATE#,idiot!

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