Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get Off Facebook & Get Your Face IN A Book

My kids: Why can't we have a Facebook? Everybody is getting one.
Me: Not true. You're not. |o)

I don't think children should have Facebook accounts...for a few reasons:

#1: Most of them under 16 & some 16 & older are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of having their own account on the internet. They 'friend' just about any & everybody & put any & all their business out there. The pics some of them post, like the ones with the kissy lips & cleavage showing, boys with their shirts off, etc., are too much for teens to be posting on a social internet site. They attract predators & are not mature emotionally or mentally enough to handle that kind of attention.

#2: Facebook Drama/Bullying. As an immature<not a bad word, by the way> kid, it's hard not to get caught up. Heck...we have adults on Facebook that can't seem to stay out of drama & Internet Gangster activity.

#3: Most kids are going to friend adults: i.e. parents, aunties, cousins, etc...The things folks post on the adult pages can be viewed by the kid(s). Some of it is too mature for kids to be seeing (pictures, stats, etc).

I will use my discretion on whether to friend a kid or not. If they are 13 & under, I will more than likely ignore their friend request. I challenge all the adults on FB to do the same & to be ok with telling your children 'No'...You can control at least a little of what they are exposed to in life. Don't worry about being 'friends' on Facebook, be parents in real life! #OOOOHPARENTALCONTROL-OH! <In my Prince voice.

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