Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RHOA RUNDOOOOOWN: Kenya Goes Too Far...Or Not?

I know that I have been slippin' y'all & I sincerely apologize! There's been sooo much goin' on, not only in MY life, but in the lives of these wives...er...wannabe wives. Well except for Cynthier...& who? Who?? Oooh, Kim! Kim....with the bad wigs...Yeah...Well she made like the ends of her real hair & split! Sees ya on the flip side, Kimbo...You too, Celie...I mean Sweetie...You will not be missed! Just remember this show made you relevant...& your departure will surely bring you back down to your original state. Though, I must say, I feel her to a certain extent. Your family should be your main priority, but you don't have to lie to NOT kick it. Then to make that dramatic exit like somebody did something to her! Like Kandi's mama said, "If she could do what she did to her own mother, then why be surprised when she flips on you?!?"<---I know that wasn't verbatim, but it was the gist! I threw up the peace sign so tough I pulled a muscle in my wrist! Anyhoo, moving right along. Greg & Nene are still making me ill. I dunno...it's just gross to me. I mean, more power to real love & everything but when he be flirkin'...Yes, flirKin'...it makes me wanna hurl. He just seems like a dirty ol' man...All that left eye, right eye, poppin' open talk when referring to seeing Cynthier's escapees...YYYICK!!! Nene & them head wraps that she kept flippin' like it was hair. Really? And why is Peter the only dude that does the confessionals? Ok. Enough of the small talk! Let's get to the couples that were the spotlight stories! Phaedra with that...um...swimsuit? I guess she was trying to make a point...or something. I dunno...um...but that donkey caught in a net was a bit much to be wearing around other women's men. I'm just sayin'. AND they were BLACK men...Which most, if not all, are Donk-ologists in their own rights. I didn't think that was really cool. She shoulda thought more about her hair, cuz it's been a lil wack this season. Don't get me wrong I like Phaedra, but just cuz I like her don't mean I'm not gonna tell the truth. Antywaaaayz.....LAWD!! That Kenya (needs to know less is) Moore!! She is somethin' else! She shoulda been snatched up when she made her hills come alive in front of Peter like that! But then to be flirkin...Yes, flirKin...with every dude that was NOT HER dude was CRAZYYY! I know she's like 48<intended exaggeration> but she was actin' like a hot-tailed teenager! Then she wonders why she's not married yet! Just heard on the radio, y'all, that Tow Truck Tommy ain't even & was never her true boo! Das what I heard! Mmmmhmmm...So she is just as perped out as any man on that boat that tried to act like they wasn't lookin' at Phaedra's booty in that mesh! LOL! But lemme play devil's advocate for a second...Do you think that with the way Phaedra talks, along with that daring (everything OUT)fit made Kenya think that it was alright to approach her with that question?? Did the Donkologist, Ph. D.'s openness backfire? I'm just sayin' we need to watch what we put out there because the way we present ourselves might give others the assumption that we're on some stuff that we are not on. Kenya def woulda got dealt with had it been me...but I like to be fair & see everybody's view.Well, I gotta make like the previously proposed business venture between Phaedra, Apollo & Kenya (the donkey workout video) & bid farewell! HAA!! HOLLA!

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