Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Basket(case) Wives Rundoooown: Where has Jackie's hamster gone? It's no longer running on it's little wheel...

Ok. Malaysia and them dang-on headwraps...Seriously...Those chicks ain't her real friends, cuz they wouldn't let her go 'round lookin' like Sista Chiquita Banana Model with them thangs on her head...Then, that one scene where she had that chopped up bob wit them 1970 Floor Model TV lookin' glasses....Them thangs took up her whole face! Whhhyyyy would they let her keep doin' stuff like that to herself?!? I guess anything to TRY to take the focus off them giant teeth of hers. Them thangs look like billboards with available space. SMH! Least they white though...She need to donate some of her teeth to her girl...cuz Bambi's teeth are too little...Or her gums are too big...I don't know...Maybe her & Malaysia just need to trade grills all together since Malaysia's Amazon teeth would better fit Bambi's Amazon body. LOL!! What a moving scene with the sisters. Laura might shouldn't cry though...She gotta OOGLY cry face! Sheesh! Her top lip look like it was havin' an allergic reaction to something...maybe it was allergic to emotion...tears...IDK, but that thang spread all across her face...made her look like that guy on the MAD magazine cover. Glad they talked though. Nothin' like a sisterly bond. It was really sad to hear of Gloria's miscarriage. K...Nuff of that mushy stuff. Why for come Draya's mama look 60 & her daddy look 35? I was mad they cut that fight off between her and Jackie Coo Coo. Jackie's not only bonkers but she's also a liar! I can't stand females like that! AND she's like 55! Ain't she supposed to be done with this kinda drama by now. I mean, really...I heard about women in their midlife goin' through menopause, but Jackie is going through MENTAL-pause. Her mental faculties are shutting down at a rapid pace. I mean, your like 58, fightin' young broads in clubs with 9 inch heels & a suit on that probably fit you just right 20 yrs ago! Quit playin' & take a seat, in your hover round, Grandmother, 'fore you break a hip! Ain't nobody got time for that! But I don't like the way Laura is playin' Jackie...Talkin' bout, "I don't understand why she thinks I'm her friend..." MAYBE CUZ YOU TOLD HER YOU LIKED HER, FAKESTER! MAYBE CUZ YOU KEEP MEETING UP WITH HER & HAVIN' FRIENDLY CONVERSATION, PHONY PONY! Laura done got her face done in more ways than one...Matter of fact, she's got TWO-FACES! Ok...well let me make like Jackie with Malaysia's earring in that yet-to-be-aired fight scene & knock it off! LOL!!! I'm OUT!!! HOLLA!

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