Thursday, November 8, 2012

On the Re-Election of OUR President, BARACK OBAMA

Ok. I have read some really disheartening things regarding our POTUS and Democrats in general. First of all, ALL Democrats are NOT Black, NOT freeloaders, are NOT receiving some form of public assistance, are NOT crackheads, are NOT unemployed. MANY of us ARE VERY hard workers, ARE from EVERY walk of life, ARE drug (and alcohol) free, ARE employed and ARE productive citizens AND OUR checks have taxes funding public assistance coming out of them too! #2: There was time in life that if you EVER let a threat towards the POTUS leave your lips, you would be charged with treason & possibly put to death! I don't remember all of this hate when George DUBYA was elected into office. Heck...I don't remember it when Bill Clinton was elected and HE was a Democrat. Then again...well...y'all know without me saying it. I know folks HAAAAATE when 'we' pull the race card, but what else has spawned such hate & animosity over a presidential election of which we've had for DECADES now? #3: It's DISTURBING to hear people say 'people voted for said candidate b/c of his race.' Unless you have polled all of the MILLIONS of voters, you are too undereducated to make that brash assumption! There were MANY BLACK CHURCHES who did NOT support OUR POTUS due to religious issues. Our POTUS could NOT have been re-elected with Black votes alone! THE WORLD HAS NOT COME TO AN END, HE'S JUST A MAN, LIKE THE OTHER 43 MEN BEFORE HIM!!!! Stop with hatred & the ungrounded opinions! IT'S COMPLETELY & UTTERLY RIDICULOUS & UNCALLED FOR!!

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