Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Koo-Koo Kenya! You can almost see her mind snap in this pic.
I am sorry, but Kandi & her boo seem a tad awkward. I ain't hatin' neither...It's either awkwardness, or the way they've been editing their scenes. I dunno...I just ain't feelin' it...
Then again, I guess it ain't for me to feel. Hmmph! See, I can check myself too, boo! I'm an equal opportunity checker! Yes, I am! Anyhoo...Speaking of checks, Phaedra needs to check herSELF...I mean...Lesbi-Honest...Why she always lookin' at some other females gluteous maximases? Tellin' chicks to 'turn around & lemme see whatchu workin' with'! Uh no, sugar! Ain't no chicks gon' be spinnin' ME around & checkin' ME out! But I guess that's the 'New Normal' these days...Psssht! Anyway...Kim is miserable. Still. She's just miserable about something else besides her love life now. Namely her housing & pregnancy situation. She's the type that can create a problem where there really isn't one. You're not homeless...You got someplace to go. But of course, with all that Barbie hair to hold up, she has to save face. She does not want any of the sistahs to know and/or take satisfaction in her moving BACK to her townhouse! Girl, you better swallow some of that pride and do what you gotta do. Quit trying to always one-up the competition...especially when there are no other competitors! Then there's that Sour Patch Sweetie! Y'all...I don't think she's actually grasping that she's 'The Help'. Got the nerve to have her nose up in the air like she's not MORE homeless than Kim! And Kim...ain't your mama ever taught you nothin'? Don't be havin' no female, especially one as thirsty as Sweetie, always around your man! AND NEVER...NEVER talk to them about your sex life. Type-ah ignorant mess is that? Yeah, but Ebony & Ivory were high-tailing out of that party, weren't they? And it wasn't about Kim being hot or bored or nothing neither! Chick was just salty cuz she couldn't be all diva'd up in Red Bottom stilettos & whatnot & she couldn't drink. That's all that was! HEEEEY!!! NeNe has ARRIVED-AH! In case some of y'all didn't get the memo...Even though she arrived quite late, approximately 2 HOURS, to her own lil shindig! She did gain a few cool points from me when she showed her more humble side in that parade. She was nice to Kim & BitterSweetie too. Then they stood her up with their miserable selves, but that's ok...The party was for SUCCESSFUL, POWERFUL, BUSINESS women anyway, so good riddens, entrepreLosers! Wigs be gone! I do think Cynthia & Kenya are gonna be two Amazon models gone wild here soon. Kenya needs to be slapped to the point that her neck snaps back & she spins around & lands on the ground! Kenya...wow...She's a new type of cray-cray. Y'all see how mad she got when her dude just mentioned asking Kandi out ONCE, cuz SHE ASKED! AND dude got shot down! Nothin' even came of it! But Krazy Kenya almost flipped her weave! She went from 0 to Chris Brown in like 0.2 seconds! She is bonkers! And if he marries her, he just might find himself as that blurry figure laying in a pool of blood on Snapped! Well...I got another review to write, so I'm gonna make like dude shoulda when Kenya excused herself to the ladie's room & be OUT!!! HOLLA!!

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